"The Meat Man of Manhattan Since 1911"

Schatzie the Butcher

The Schatzie Difference

Schatzie’s Grandfather Max immigrated to New York from Speyer, Germany around 1890, first settling in Manhattan to open a butcher shop and later expanding the family butcher shop on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx.

Schatzie grew up in his grandfather’s butcher shop and as long as Schatzie can remember, his family (including his father who was also a butcher) has been unequivocally committed to two things – selling the most extraordinary quality meat and poultry available anywhere and offering customer service without equal. That passion and commitment continue today. The Schatzie Seal promises the most outstanding meat and poultry you’ve ever tasted along with good, old-fashion customer service.

Schatzie believes a big part of taking care of customers is selling you only the “best of the best” and that means USDA PRIME BEEF, the highest possible beef grade available. He won’t settle for anything less – for himself or for his customers, most of whom are true epicureans and know where to find the best of everything when it comes to eating. Only 2% to 3% of all the beef raised and sold in the USA is certified PRIME by the USDA and guarantees the ultimate in tenderness, juiciness and flavor. And out of that 2% to 3%, only 10% is truly exceptional. That matchless 10% of all the USDA PRIME BEEF is what Schatzie sells his customers exclusively. And to achieve maximum flavor for his customers, he ages the meat for 30 days.

Schatzie uses the same high standard when it comes to the quality of his Colorado lamb, milk-fed veal, pork and sausages. His poultry is the freshest, all-natural, free-range poultry, guaranteed to be free of all antibiotics, hormones, artificial ingredients and added color.

Schatzie loves his customers and will do just about anything for them – just ask! And if you ever have a question about preparing, cooking or storing anything you purchase from him, check out our FAQ’s here on our Website or call us at 212-410-1555.

What will Schatzie do for you?

You want a special cut of meat like sweetbreads or a specialty meat like goat or venison? Give Schatzie a day and he will get it for you – guaranteed fresh the day you get it.

You need a rush order for a tailgate party? Schatzie will rush your order to you or have it ready for you to pick up on your way to the game.

You want a particular kind of meat or poultry like organic or a special breed like Berkshire Pork? No problem.

You’re having a party and you want Schatzie to create the menu with you and come to your house and prepare it all? Schatzie will be there!

You are a man in love and you want to make a special dinner for your woman? Schatzie has just the recipe for a candlelight dinner with great wine that will ensure success. By the way, Schatzie fervently believes if you want to score with the ladies (or vice versa), learn to cook.

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